Our Mission

The mission of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) is to promote the profession of medical laboratory science and provide beneficial services to those who practice it. 


The Louisiana Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (LSCLS) is a constituent society of ASCLS.  To become a member, visit the ASCLS website.


To enable its members to provide quality services for all consumers, the society is committed to the continuous quest for excellence in all its activities.

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Award Winners


2022 Member of the Year

Karrie Hovis

2021 Member of the Year


2022 Student of the Year

Noor Farhat

2022 Keys to the Future Award

Shamonica King

Alexa Garlington

2022 Presidential Service Award

Jennifer Bushnell

2022 Industry Award

Omega Diagnostics

50 Years Special Member Award for 2021

George Roberts

30 Years Special Member Award for 2021

Melanie Chapman

20 Years Special Member Award for 2021

Amy Rogers

Adrienne Stringer

10 Years Special Member Award for 2021

Andrea Fontenot

40 Years Special Member Award for 2022

Denise Irving

Jessie Allen

30 Years Special Member Award for 2022

Deborah Fox

20 Years Special Member Award for 2022

Jessica Lasiter

10 Years Special Member Award for 2022

Emilea Haddox

Lee Ellen Brunson

2022 Omicron Sigma Awards

State – Mikayla Puckett, Jennifer Bushnell, Gaye Brunson, Michele Werner, Shamonica King, Patsy Jarreau, Angela Foley, Karrie Hovis, Jessica Lasiter, Joette Taylor and James Gardner
Regional - Stephanie Blackburn, Luke Caruso, Cheryl Caskey, Melonie Falcon, James Gardner, Karrie Hovis, Cheyenne Reyes, Elaine Stewart, Michele Werner, Karen Williams

2021 Omicron Sigma Awards

National - Cheryl Caskey, Cheyenne Reyes, Karrie Hovis
Regional - Cheryl Caskey, Cheyenne Reyes, James Gardner, Karen Williams, Karrie Hovis, Luke Caruso, Stephanie Blackburn

2022 Student Paper Awards

Hematology – A Diagnostic Journey for an Immunocompromised Patient by Cassandra Sterling from LSU Health Shreveport

Immunology – The Role of Laboratory Diagnostics in Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis by Janiya Nelson from LSU Health Shreveport

Chemistry and Clinical Microscopy – Post-Streptococcal Glomerulonephritis in a 25-year-old Patient by Courtney Mendenhall from LSU Health Shreveport

Molecular – Application of Whole Genome Sequencing to Assess Phenotypic Variation and Clinical Outcomes in Siblings with Cystic Fibrosis by Clay Bradley from LSU Health Shreveport 

2021 Student Paper Awards

Blood BankA Case of anti-PP1PK Rare Antibody and Pregnancy Outcome by Dru Lars from LSU Health Shreveport

HematologyDiamond-Blackfan Anemia (DBA) Causing Failure to Thrive by Allanah Zeidan from LSU Health Shreveport

ChemistryAn Unusual Case of Decompensated Heart Failure in a Young Man by Maya Conway from LSU Health Shreveport

MicrobiologyA Noninvasive Rhizopus Infection with a Bladder Fungal Ball in a Patient with Poorly Controlled Diabetes Mellitus by Serina Ruiz from LSU Health Shreveport

2023 Award Nominations

Nominations will open for the 2023 LSCLS Awards late Fall 2022 / early spring 2023.  Stay tuned for more information. 

For any awards questions, please contact: 

Jessica Lasiter

700 University Avenue

Sugar Hall 253

Monroe, LA 71209


Our Society Leadership

Melonie Falcon
2021 - 2023
2023 - 2025

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Application Deadline:  March 15th


For any award and / or scholarshiop question, please contact us at lsclsorg@gmail.com.

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